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Annyeonghaseyo!  We are Grace and Sarah, Asian KDrama fans who love to ask, and hopefully find answers to, all of our (and your) Asian drama questions. We cover everything, from silly topics to sensitive and serious issues that come up as we binge.

We'll also share some Korean and Chinese language tips, as well as our experiences as diaspora Asians living in the UK and US.


Join us as we delve into the details and societal context of the dramas we all love!

About The Show

Afternoona Asks ND

Quirky, partly queer and quite late diagnosed, we are the Afternoona Asks ND (neurodivergent) squad - Sarah, J and Fran. 

J is Canadian bringing up her ND family in Australia and is late diagnosed autistic.
Fran hails from Germany and is ADHD/Autistic. 
Sarah is a British Chinese and part of a mixed NT/ND family.


We're here for straight talk, standing up for representation, breaking down stereotypes and challenging ableist perceptions. 

If you've want to explore the autistic and/or adhd experience via Korean and other Asian dramas you've come to the right place. 

We're here to discuss all kinds of neurodivergencies with a dose of scientific research and our own lived experience sprinkled on top. 

Find us at

Instagram - KDramathis

Sarah posts regularly on Instagram under @KDramathis check out the latest posts here

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